Camera "Ami"
Ami was the simplest polish camera on the market, overtook camera "Druh". Ami was made of polystyrene in different colours. The logo of Ami was "sitting dog named Ami ".
The technical description:
- Format 6x6 cm
-Lens WZFO with the fix focus
-Shutter 1/50
-apreture 8 and 16



Camera "Ami 2"

Ami 2 was better version of Ami
The technical description:
-Lens Achromat 1:8/75mm
-Shutter 1/30, 1/60, 1/250 and B
-prevension against double exposure



Camera "Ami 66"

Better wersion of Ami but simpler then Ami 2. Has added shutter B and M.



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